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Little Dogs get a little bit taller

Razzinhellin, May 29, 12 5:38 PM.
I just wanted to take a moment to extend a formal welcome to all of our newest members.  This has been nothing short of an epic scale change for The Little Dogs as we have been around for close to 3 years and have been exclusively a guild of halflings the entire time. 

Congratulations!  You represent the new heart and soul of a guild that has absolutely huge potential.

I am truly happy, as well as a bit relieved, that we managed to salvage what I considered to be the best part of being a Black Blood.  I'm sure that most of you would agree that the relationships we forge in the realms of DDO are what separates an mmo from all the other mind numbing games out there.  It also separates this guild from 90% of the other guilds out there, some of which never even say hi to one another.  I believe that it's these relationships that lay the key foundations for a strong and productive guild with the potential for a very strong future together.  If renown growth is an indication of the potential that this guild has together then I'd say it won't be long until we're going to need a bigger ship :) 

For the record our first day as the "new" Little Dogs was the highest single day renown growth I've recorded in either guilds history.  Keep in mind that a few of the people we anticipated in the merge still hadn't moved over yet.

We've got a great group of people here.  All you have to do now is enjoy.  So get out there and have fun. 


Alliance of the Order

Razzinhellin, Nov 13, 11 4:59 PM.
As I'm sure you're already all aware, we have formed alliances with the Elves of Eberron & Order of Dramentia.  I would like to send a special thank you to Officer Meroin for his hard work in this endeavor as I believe that this alliance will only strengthen our abilities to dispatch the evils of Eberron.  Check out our members forum for details on setting up a chat window for inter-guild communication and I hope you enjoy the Alliance of the Order.

Time Zones!!!!!!

Razzinhellin, Oct 19, 11 6:48 PM.
I recently discovered that guild portal's default time stamp is EDT.  If you go into your personal profile settings you can enter your time zone and the calendar will automatically change raid times accordingly.  This means that if you set up your time zone in your account profile you shouldn't have to worry about converting times in order to find out when the guild is meeting.  I appologize for any confusion I may have caused by stating that all times were MDT because they most certainly are not!  Please also note that if you are not logged into the website and you check the calendar you may still see time stamp EDT, which will be 2 hrs later than our actual meeting time.

Again I'm very sorry for the confusion.

Feel free to message me in game or on the website if this is in any way unclear.

Little Dogs is currently recruiting on a friends only basis. Please no random invites.
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